Luigi Ricci – Biography

Born in Macerata on 04.08.1942. Till the 1950s studies decorative painting at the Macerata School of Art. Student of Nino Ricci, Zoren and Umberto Peschi obtains the diploma of Maestro d’Arte (gained at the age of eighteen enabling the artist to teach art or continue to third-level education institutes).

From 1962 attends the advanced course in industrial design at Venice where the architects E. Rogers, A. Mangiarotti, G. Valle M. Vignelli and the painters L. Veronesi and M. De Luigi teach. Here, he learns the technique of design under the eyes of the architect Carlo Scarpa with whom he works for a year (1965).

He photographs, from 1962 beginning with attending the two-year course of photography of Italo Zannier, at the school for industrial design of Venice.

In 1966, becomes member of Centro Cultura Fotografia, in towns of Milan and Fermo, perfectioning with Luigi Crocenzi research on the language and expressiveness of images. Simultaneously, he produces audiovisual material along social themes.

The end of the 1960s: he co-opens in Rome the design studio ‘Fantastici 4’ with Giovanni Lussu, Moimir Jezek and Mario Cresci. He is active in the editorial field: designing covers for the Samonà e Savelli and Lerici Editore, he produces photography volumes, periodicals and posters.

From 1972 to 2016 he is an artisan working as Graphic Designer an Artistic Photographer for Industry.

From 2002 to 2008, he taught Graphic and multimedia language at the University of Macerata at the Faculty of Communication Sciences,
Multimedia Photography at Class in Sciences and Technology of the Degree course in Figurative Arts, Music and Stage and Fashion of the Faculty of Letters; History and techniques of photography on the two-year advanced degree course in Modern Philology at the Faculty of Letters; Advertising graphics at the Faculty of Communication sciences two-year advanced degree course in Publishing, multimedia communication.
In 2007, he begins a programme of cultural exchanges highlighting Matteo Ricci S.J. taking part in the celebrations of Shanghai. In 2010, he holds conferences in the University of Guandong in China and in Soeul in South Korea.

From 2011, he is co-founder of the Cultural Association ‘Casale delle Noci’, Chaired by Franco Moschini, which aims at the promotion of crafts activities that characterise the Italian region of the Marche